First you heard of it?.

I have been trying for around 2 months to get peace with parrius, shortly after New Year I gave up, coming to the conclusion that Parrius was never going to reach a consensus on anything.

I spent a long time speaking to Tukar on many occasions, I told him that there were NO restrictions upon what Springdale might offer to Parrius for the peace required for us to take Thakria one on one at the end of our treaty.

All I received was time and again, we are still trying to sort it out, we have a meeting etc.

So? In the end I looked at the situation and saw two possibilities, 1) Parrius population isnt hostile and will leave us alone 2) Marie is overambitious and IS hostile to us.

Over the course of time I saw again and again exhibitions where you just did and stated what you wanted, your most recent post being one, the taking of our SOI another.

Parrius was able to offer me no sureties, despite my efforts, and without them? I reckoned that Marie would probably just order the attack with parrian citizens none the wiser.

Ive considered myself (as have many others in Springdale) to be at war with Parrius for a few weeks now, a state that despite everything I regret. I would now and have always been more than ready to accept peace with Parrius


Orinoko, Minister for Foreign Relations of Springdale

Written by my hand on the 9th of Mournsend, in the year 1035.