Agreeable comments.


I see your point, and have no problem with your comments.

Obviously you a free to support the war if you feel it is deserved of your efforts, time, resources and friendships.

I admit some citizens have been running through your streets, actively seeking to attack those who have acted against us previously, on a personal basis.

As I stated, I freely admit I do not get on with some citizens in Parrius (although, bizarrely, this tends to only be due to hatreds being brought across from when those citizens were Thakrian, but that aside...)

I would not declare war on Parrius (and indeed have not) simply because of some citizens roaming through the streets attacking people; of course, they will be personally enemied.

The activities of one or two Parrian citizens seem to have made the city many enemies, I find this sad as I had been a life long friend of PArrius until very recently.

I had simply hoped that instead of continuing down the path to full out war we could find peace, but (I believe this is the official word?) Marie wishes for war.

Still, it is good to see people getting their voices heard for once, on either side of the war or peace decision.

Sparkling Keldor, Prince.

Written by my hand on the 27th of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.