Parrian citizens?.

Sparkling Keldor, Prince of Springdaleto Everyone


Just wondered what Parrian citizens thoughts were on this proposal.

I am impressed by the way your custodian managed to speak to you all and inquire about your thoughts as to the proposal, the speed with which Parrius made the decision is, I have to say, quite astounding.

I am pretty astounded such an important decision was made in two hours, amazing stuff.

I have no problems with most of Parrius, personally. Although I do have a problem with a few of your custodians, I will admit...

I do not, however, issue war and deny any peace talks due to my personal feelings, I ask my citizens how they feel, and, despite what some may think, they wished for peace.

ignorance full Parrian citizens who don't wield power wish to be heard then please speak with me I would be interested in your opinions.

As Marie has spoken on behalf of the whole city (once again), I must presume it is what you all desire and therefore make appropriate actions.

Again, I admire the speed of your democracy.

Sparkling Keldor, Prince.

Written by my hand on the 26th of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.