Forgive me for butting my nose in ( you have to - I always do)

If you can't even formulate a treaty that does not offend an existing God overseen treaty then what hope have you ?

It was agreed that Springdale be renamed Springtown. All references to Spring\"dale\" within the \"game\" have been changed. By all means use silly suffixes but to publically propose a treaty and describe a city that does not exist and people who should n

ot exist is indecent.

The city is Springtown. The people are Springtownians. You may think it's a minor point but when offering a legal treaty minor points become bloody big holes.

Obey the existing treaties you are bound by, before adding additional ones.

Regards, Bitch (AKA Lady Glowballistics' eagle - yeah the legal one)

Written by my hand on the 25th of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.