springdale-parrian relations.

In a bid to try and resolve the current difficulties between our cities, the government of Springdale would like to offer a proposal for the Parrian custodians to consider.

We propose a mutual non-interference in each others cities. This would take the form of the following

No Springdalian holding personal city enemy status for Parrius will enter that city to commit hostile acts including felling staves, jumping or killings, the same to apply to Parrians with personal city enemy status of Springdale.

No shops to be broken into in either city by members of either Springdale or Parrius and a non-interference policy at both planting and harvest.

Anyone breaking the rules to be out-citizened from their respective cities unless chasing a personal enemy who has attacked and then fled back to their home city to escape retribution.

It is hoped that between our two governments we can reach a mutal agreement which is beneficial to members of both cities and which will prevent a build up of the recent ill-feelings which have developed between Springdale and Parrius.

This offer will be on the table for one Avalonian year from the date of posting and we hope that any agreement will be overseen by one of the deities to enforce its terms.

Mirrigold, Starflower - Baroness

PS Any comments or further information regarding this proposal can be messaged to myself on behalf of my city.

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.