See now you make lame accusations. I was never even close to let alone in any springtownian fields during harvest. In fact giving them credit for being out of a storeroom and working well together Constantine and Randon gave me a hard time doing my

own fields. Since I am a hard working baron of my city and wanted to make sure I got in our harvest I kept my protection... gasp I believe I even complimented the two of them

As for the brave pacifist thief thing is it just me or are you getting angry over my compliments to those brave people who choose pacifism then use the skill and guile it takes under that protection to enter enemy fields and take their harvest knowing

full well nothing short of them being pure stupid can be done to harm them. I agree stealing protected is nearly as bad but then those people do eventually lose protection. Overall as Guildmaster of the bandits guild I am disgusted by anyone who ma

kes a mockery of our guild by using these protections to conduct their theft and will continue to harp on it and harrass them until they understand that thievery is in the domain of the fighters and namely the bandits guild!


Written by my hand on the 5th of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.