kicking butt?.

Lamotheto Creal

Odd term to define a pacifist raiding a couple of fields.

Mmm, lets see... Thakria doesn't have one single pw person and hasn't in the entire time I have lived there. (Unless there is an animist or two... but even then... I don't think they are pw) So we can't really send pw people to Merc fields to raid...

so what is left to do... *ponder*

Here is a scenario... Thakria doesn't plant anything, but instead harvests all that Mercinae plants instead? Then kills every Mercinae left standing and steals any harvest they are holding? Careful in wishing for a war in harvesting... Arthor REALLY R

EALLY enjoys Merc spuds, and REALLY REALLY dislikes pacifists. Now me, I am a comm gatherer... (I am content to simply harvest my own fields) but I tend to get ticked off when something that I have planted gets stolen... and I get especially angry when

someone starts bragging and going on about it.

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Eleuthral, in the year 1035.