Trees. Felling, Logging and Replanting.

Witchdoctor Squirrelfishto Everyone

Hi All,

The amount of trees in the Land is falling fast, especially older trees.

This is down to over felling and logging and, in the case of seedlings, burning forest locs.

To begin the slow process of rebuilding quantities, I would propose that NO trees younger than 'mature' be felled. There are massive stocks of Logs and wood in most city and guild stores I am sure.

So if you need some wood for mining/ essence making, whatever, make those areas your first place of call, either by asking the relevant City Minister or Aide or your Guild QMs. Even an approach to other Cities or Guilds with the view to purchase is be

tter than felling thoughtlessly.

evoke invulnerability

Normal trees IE... Oaks, Elms etc. can not be planted by Mortals and once gone it is in the hands of the Gods whether more appear. Fruit trees are different and to that end I am asking everyone to donate fruit seeds to Myself (Squirrelfish), Calagan an

d Scribe so that we can begin a replanting scheme this coming Spring.

If anyone else is of a mind to help in this, let one of us know. Thank you


Written by my hand on the 20th of Midwinter, in the year 1035.