and Porthos.

Lamotheto Springdalian Orinoko, the Renegade Womble

I am not going to drag this out into a long debate. I have spoken with both you and Porthos on this matter, and each time you have taken portions of our conversations and twisted them to suit your purpose.

The simple truth is, your guild has not in any way acted in a manner to push the treaty forward. Not less than 24 hours of recieving the treaty, your guild broke the ceasefire. Yes our guildmaster is away, and no we did not take action at that time. T

his treaty is extremely generous, and will give your city a measure of security.

Even now you continue to act in a manner which will ultimately cause your city to suffer.

Both you and Porthos are guilty of breaking several items on the very list you posted concerning the ceasefire.

No, I am not the best seer... and yes I am still learning... so spout off all the name calling you wish to... I will still be here, and I will continue to do all that I can to protect my city and do everything I can for the good of my city. (I feel so

rry for your city actually. You have the means to actually help your city and instead you are showing complete disregard for its future growth and everyone who resides within its walls)

If you feel that we were in fact the ones to break the ceasefire, then by all means take it up with a God. You will lose in this matter, which is probably why you both have lied and taken this whole matter to this forum, in an attempt to save your own

ass. So the ball is in your court (so to speak). You can continue to act in a self-serving manner or you can do the right thing for your city.


Post Script - I hope in the future you will post only the truth, for I will not spend my time here debating and correcting each lie that falls from your mouth. If you wish to speak honestly and truthfully about seeing this treaty go forward, I will be

more than willing to speak with you. Hopefully, Flagg will be back soon and the treaty can be signed and finalized. On the same token, if even one shop is raided again, expect the same treatment.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Agamnion, in the year 1034.