For the sake of all those who read this board, I am not going to respond to Porthos' post. We all know when Porthos gets to start on one of his disillusioned theories (like the 'I dont team' argument on fighters board), nothing short of a divine inter

vention can shut him up.

As for you, Orinoko, please forgive us, we have misjudged your ability to form intelligent thoughts. Your argument, robbing a shop in Thakria is not a breach of ceasefire while robbing a shop in Springtown is a breach, has made it apparent that you ha

ve been spending too much time with Porthos which is beginning to have degenerative effects on your brain.

In order to help you understand the proposed treaty better, I will ask Flagg to kindly rewrite it in simpler sentences that are no longer than three words (each word with two syllables or less). We will also put in Porthos' favourite sentence 'Porthos

dont team' in it just to calm him down and make him like the treaty.

PS. Why are you so angry? I am the one who has to Blacken your stones everyday...

Written by my hand on the 29th of Leaflost, in the year 1034.