I can only assume that Flagg is currently absent from the land (if he isnt, I assume he would have pulled his finger out of his arse by now) and as a result you and Lamothe with your sparse information are running the show.

The terms of the ceasefire were made very simple so as to prevent such discussions as well, I dont believe that was really breaking into the shop, or I just did that, it was him that broke in

The terms of the ceasefire as was agreed by myself, by Flagg and which Cordon has recently joined are as follows, they are very clear, and completely unambigous.

You may not far traverse anywhere into any foreign city as marked by survey, and you may not use any of the following commands full stop:

far.......imprint, enslave, free, seize, unseize, attack, pull, lock, blacken, shadow.....in other words the stone war commands.

It was by agreement that no further restrcitions were to be put in place as it merely would end up muddying the water.

If Lamothe in her retardness is stupid enough to carry around in her hands owl runes, which Threap then summarized out of her inventory, leading me to track to her, get the sphere rune and smash it allowing Allanon to break in? well, more fool you.

I expect an immediate return to the ceasefire, until you malinformed idiots have a chance to talk to Flagg, and I shall be seeking compensation for breaking the terms of the ceasefire

Orinoko, Guildmaster of the Prophets.

p. s. please dont turn around and start saying the spirit of the treaty or something to me, both Flagg and I know of a hundred ways to break into shops using our skills, and we both knew and stated our preference to keep this ceasefire unambiguous. Acc

ounting for stupidity and laziness was not a part of the ceasefire, you dig your own hole with either


Written by my hand on the 11th of Leaflost, in the year 1034.