The ceasefire.

Porthos, Solo Fighterto Seer Attor of Thakria

You obviously dont have a copy of the ceasefire agreement. Robbery in all its many shapes and forms were not prohibited, and nor was far shattering runes. Ask your guildmaster for a copy, or if you like I'll send you mine. Its very specific, extrememl

y simple and extremely clear. No far attack, no blackening, no far traverse, no far freeing and enslaving, none of which any prophet has done. You cant turn this around Attor, you broke the ceasefire which is fine I never wanted it anyway since I knew

you'd never be able to keep it when once the temptation of robbing our shops was put in front of you. Now just take a deep breath, say 'I'm a man and I WILL take responsibility for my actions' then stand up and admit what you've done.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Leaflost, in the year 1034.