Apollo, the god of lightto Everyone

I have demanded of your current guildmaster that I be removed as

patron of this guild. My association with the guild goes back for

years, but in all truthfulness the guild has never achieved the

greatness that should have done in that time.

The god-given advantages this guild enjoys are of prime importance.

They place it in the easiest city to grow up in (due to geography) and give

it he most recognisable name for the most favoured profession. These

advantages alone should make this guild the strongest in Avalon - and the

leader of this guild one of the most powerful.

Now, it seems that the guild is striving to remove one of those advantages,

that of being a part of Mercinae. I've had the usual pathetic excuses but the

fact remains that this guild and Mercinae are intertwined in such a way that

one cannot succeed without the other.

TAKE CHARGE. Mercinae and the Knights guild should be virtually indistinguishable.

The city is full of pacifists and non-fighters who would be only too glad to

shelter under the wing of a strong Knights guild and will work tirelessly if given

the opportunity - Don't remove yourselves from city politics.

Yet something holds this guild back, something causes it always to self destruct.

Well, the only constant over all these centuries has been me, though I have never

got involved in the actual running of the guild. The time has now come for change.

I sever all connections with this guild forever.

Written by my hand on the 9th of Midsummer, in the year 1034.