Yeah lets have all the fighters move to firstage and leave Avalon to the virtual fisherman and gardeners. I'm sure that's EXACTL what Genesis had in mind when he carefully designed all the offensive skills and defenses to those skills all those years


If Nafai's accusation that a PW aided in stealing from his shop is true (I'm sure it is) are there any fighters/PWs/Gods that think it was OK to do so ?

A true pacifist or defense only player, e. g. Yairi, most Animists etc have NO NEED for PW. The fact that a PW can pick up bodies (offerings to my patron) or items I've worked hard to make my opponent drop, or heal a foe I'm fighting

is very annoying. A PW can stand in a loc spying on a conversation in an enemy city and can't be touched, the problems with PWs are endless. A general skill to force PWs out of an area and prevention of PWs entering hostile cities would be lovely.

People like myself and Arthor will stop whining about PW when PWs stop interfering in warfare , theft and combat.

Written by my hand on the 13th of Mournsend, in the year 1034.