Dear Toxicologist.

Your quaint ways a sly words will not work with me you filthy bandit.

I have noticed a distinct lack of wyg and mar in the land and the blame i lay at your door.

Without these vital poisons I have to walk the land clean and with long locks protruding from my folicles.

No longer can i roam around farting happily, the sun shining off my unrestricted shiny pate

killing rabbits with the bad B. O. wafting from my armpits.

The hours of fun you have removed with your picking antics...

I demand you aid the restocking of these vital poisons immediately!!!!

Yours - not likely


P. S. Seriously though. it would be much appreciated if people would stop overpicking, its probably only a couple

of individuals doing it and they are spoiling it for everyone else.

Come on now children there are plenty of herbs and poisons to go round.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Mournsend, in the year 1034.