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All ults and HP skills coupled with many RL years playing experience and you struggle to kill individuals ? Finally you admit you really are shit ! <grin>

Mobs have always wandered the land, on all sides. I only \"team\" when a city enemy is in my city, that's the risk you take coming into a hostile city. Team battles are different and I think most of us enjoy a melee now and again.

Mobs wandering into another city to kill individuals way smaller than them is lame, but is part of the game. The people who avoid being part of mob rule tend to become the better fighters while the yobs start to panic if in one on one fights.

You'll never be a truly brilliant fighter (ones I've witnessed include Arthor, Plaman, Sturge Zenichiro etc) But you're not bad at sacrificing self-respect (and other players respect) in exchange for a relatively successful \"win by any means necessar

y\" tactic.

Those of us that truely love the game enjoy the additional challenge of fighting groups. Every problem in Avalon can be surmounted with skill,thought and practice, unless dealing with bugs or cheats.

Mobs are here to stay, be honest and say you surround yourself in a group because you can. A man of your experience cannot hide behind excuses such as \"it's too much hard work on my own\" or \"justice\" especially against people way smaller than you. Tho

se complaining about mobs steamrolling them, learn to deal with them, certain people are never going to stop using it as a tactic.

It's hard to develop and grow and learn to fight better when constantly faced with teams, but noone ever said Avalon was supposed to be easy.

Written by my hand on the 20th of Eleuthral, in the year 1034.