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Loremaster Yairito Magdalene the Raven Haired Beauty

Springtown was \"large enough to compete with the others in open warfare\"

for quite some time before relations between Parrius and Thakria

improved. Point of fact, while Parrian troops were still protecting

Mercinae's north gate, Springtown attempted to invade Thakria. (We were,

fortunately, able to repell this invasion attempt.) My point is,

Thakria, for a VERY long time, had the fighters and military might of

THREE cities stacked against us. Orielle threatened us with war

countless numbers of times. she even had an agreement with the Mercinae

government to attack us across the lake if Mercinae marched on us.

We were able to resist, and in fact prevail against these odds. I think

that was the point Cimares was trying to make. And we did it from a

posistion even WEAKER than we left Springtown after our victory over


Written by my hand on the 15th of Midwinter, in the year 1034.