Damnable Dartanian, Your Enemy's Friendto Porthos

As has been noted in several recent discussions here, Teaming is a part of Avalon, as is the taking of vengeance on those who participate in teaming. Every city teams at some point, Thakrians, Springtownians, Mercinaens and the occasional Parrian thr

own in, and it is the common response by some, though not all, to punish the young of the various cities for such teaming, especially in these days when much of the capability to team is based on the actual time of day that certain people play.

In other words, don't whine about, learn from it. Learn to protect your items and goods, bug those in your city who team for help or to have them desist from such actions, or stop the actions that get you teamed, as I happen to know there are a few i

n your case

To Tungar, There is a limit that the gods have placed to protect the young, its called Bloodlust, and people have been whining about its effectiveness/ineffectiveness since it was instituted. Ultimately, there is no substitution for your own initiati

ve to learn the way things work.

Dartanian, Old man who likes to rant

Written by my hand on the 20th of Ilmarael, in the year 1033.