Tungar, Jester of Mercinaeto Porthos

'Tis true, the quality and honour of far too many players has been going down the pan lately. I've seen people twice my size or bigger, attack me with the intention of stripping me of all my posessions.

It is sad, to see that there are so many people who feel they must resort to teaming or picking on an opponent weaker than they.

I do not want to be forced to recommend that the gods put a limit on just how weaker an opponent a player is allowed to attack, but if this continues then I will have no other choice.

Amongst other things, this behaviour is spoiling Avalon for the victims and, most likely is responsible for scareing away younger/weaker players.

Ok, so it would strengthen the resolve of many, but still, it isn't fair, nice or honourable to attack someone who, through the strength of one or a group of players, is so much weaker than the attacker(s).

Really, this ought to stop, or at least become uncommon, because it takes far too much effort to recover from completely losing all your posessions.

And to those who are commiting these actions, you wouldn't like it if the gods picked on YOU.

Yours kindly, Jester of Mercinae.

Written by my hand on the 17th of Ilmarael, in the year 1033.