Wishmaker, Boilingto Shadowen

This is not about our personal differences. This is not about me being thakrian. I have no home,i can't go against myself and become something i fought all my life.

This is about future of Springdale. Before i leave i wanted to say what's on my chest. I am not sure if you will consider my words or even spend time to read it but maybe,somehow,it will make a difference.

You are blinded with hatred and blood and therefore can't see what i see from outside.

We've made our path side by side since i can remember myself. Jebaman wasn't around much so for me you always was guildmaster,brother,mentor... simply a friend. You remember what you told me when we first talked about guild?

You said \"We are paladins,defenders of Springdale. We walk with Light\".

We had a city sign \"Welcome to city of dreams\". Each and every one of us was proud to live every day as springdalian,becouse we knew our friends will help us,will care for us.

The base for all this is code of life we've had. You always fought bravely,without thinking about odds but you always fought with honour. You always set an example for us.

Look around you. During short time i spent in realm since i returned i saw paladins butcher people without warning,i saw death messages time after time,i saw people,who couldn't defend themself,get killed. List goes on and on but you already know that.

Followers of Light become dark. What are you dreaming about today... more blood,more vengeance,more stolen goods?

You are prince of Springdale. You of all people know how hard is the way back from dark side. Once you get used to it you can't stop... it becomes normal to you.

I beg you to think about what are you rebuilding. Won't you drop your swords in shame if one morning you'll wake up and realise that you created city of butchers and there is noone to fight becouse you've became exactly the same with enemy?

I won't be there but for sake of next generations think about my words. Create city of dreams for them again,not hellhole full of people who never heard of honour and Light.

Please,think about my words before it'll be too late

Wishmaker,leaving with Light

Written by my hand on the 30th of Leaflost, in the year 1031.