the actions of your guild.

Abbot Elbethamoreto Lothar, Dawn Star

I wish to post this here, so that everyone is aware of these events...

Within the past week, the Astrologers have bonded 61 Mercinae locations onto their stone. I have received reports of you using your expanded stone influence to rob shops in Mercinae. These actions will not be tolerated.

I do not know whether your are motivated by a desire to expand your guilds' stone influence or by pure greed, but your actions demonstrate an utter disregard for treaties, past and present, and for the friendship our two guilds have long enjoyed in th

e past... indeed I found myself compelled to guildenemy the Astrologers. Your agressions are completely unprovoked. As long as I have been in the land, no Mystic has ever robbed a shop or expanded our stone's influence in violation of treaty without s

evere reprimand.

Even so, no retribution has been taken against your guild-I have only acted to return the locations in Mercinae to the Mystics' stone. If this agression continues, more serious action may be taken. so far you have not responded to my msgs. please expl

ain yourself here or in personal correspondence.

Elbethamore, Guildmaster of the Mystics

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Midsummer, in the year 1030.