Dredging up the past.

Sorcerer Arikarr, Vampire of the Miststo Everyone

When Thakria last fell, I was there. I was a Baron and

also minister of Foreign Affairs during the time of

our 'negotiation' with the victors, both Mercinae and


I Clearly remember the look on Panaideos' face, as he

was FORCED to bend his knee to the forces of our enemies.

I remember the smugness written upon Culinanes brow as

he realised he held all the cards. And I remember what

we were told by the Powers that Be...

'If you will not bow down, and accept ALL the demands

of your conquerers, then your city will be CLOSED

down forever.'

Even then, we were left with a choice, accept the terms

without negotiation, reservation or avoidance, or

instead, we could leave our city in ruins, and flee

to the wilderness.

An eye for an eye, Springtown. Now you have the

same choice as we had.

Arikarr, Remembering the dreadful past truths.

Written by my hand on the 8th of Cloudburst, in the year 1030.