the Animists Guild.

Meliorist Maudeeb, the Dryad's Consortto Everyone

Greeting to all in Avalon. Today is a day of rebirth for the Animist's Guild and hopefully all of Avalon. As one of the first orders of business as the new guildmaster, I am clearing the blacklist. All are welcome to the assistance of Avalon's heale

rs. My guild has always prided itself on rendering assistance to all those who wish us no harm regardless of city, guild, patronage or alignment. We are here to help those who wish for our assistance.

I am also looking to expand the role of our guild and seek to build stronger ties with each of the cities, towns and villages. As I post this message, my guildmembers are thinking of new and exciting ways for us to better serve all the people of Aval


I see this as a glorious day for all of Avalon as we renew old friendships and form new alliances. The Animists live in peace and harmony with all people, and we will continue to render aid to those who seek our help.

Yours in Compassion,

Meliorist Maudeeb

Written by my hand on the 28th of Mournsend, in the year 1030.