Lord Arthor, Scion of Darknessto Everyone

Let slip the dogs of war, for indeed war is upon Avalon again.

For heroes many were the Thakrians. Their successes came from the power and solidarity that binds society together deep behind the obsidian walls of their city. Indeed, where else in Avalon could any place lay the same claims to glory as Thakria, th

e City of Miracles?

Today, as was foretold, after a few setbacks, the Thakrian army destroyed the walls of Springdale, and even now stands victorious in that city.

Every citizen of Thakria has worked very hard these last years, and our perserverance has payed off again. Stand tall as always, Thakria, we are glorious this day.

We will shortly begin meetings to discuss the future of Springdale. If our demands are met, we may even allow the city to remain standing.

The Darkness rises, and it feels good.

Lord Arthor, Prince of Thakria

Written by my hand on the 7th of Midsummer, in the year 1029.