get a grip.

\"promised zeni he could play with them\" was a joke, anyone with a sense of humour (i. e your girlfriend) could see that.

You are grovelling now 'cos of springdale's suicide run at Thakria's invading army, it didn't go quite to plan, and now springdale is defenceless. If Parrius decides to whoop your worthless asses around it is noones fault but Allanons.

He stole rations from a non - combatant, I was there, I saw it. During a major conflict with Thakria.

So you claim to have rebuilt Parrius (shenarra, flogga, blaatand may disagree), despite telling me you're a life long murky, now you're a springdalian, no wonder you hate Thakria,;+; we don't let losers and rats into our city, which is what you are if

you run from pillar to post everytime the going gets tough.

P. S. Don't insult Plaman, Jhor et al, by claiming Zenichiro masterminded the Thakrian attack, when I first entered this land Zeni was the jolly parrian pirate, I assume ( I don't speak for him) he left 'cos of the way Catt was running things, he's par

rian, always has been really

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Skyelong, in the year 1029.