Springdale Vs Parrius.

I echo your sentiments, I have nothing against the city of Parrius, indeed I am proud to call friend several of your citizens whom I have fought alongside on several occasions.

Indeed there is only one Parrian who I really do have something against; Zenichiro.

I make no pretense of my dislike towards Zenichiro, and his arrogance, but the rest of you? I am either neutral of friendly with.

I have close ties with several citizens, particularly the Astrologers guild and Lothar.

It is a shame that war was declared because of 1 cit from a city of honour dared to strip, rob and attack a city to whom we feel no enmity.

Allanon has his reasons for dislike of some Parrians, Zenichiro has his: and yet war has been declared!

Sounds daft to me, Springdale wont be declaring war unless we absolutely have to for our own safety, Zenichiro is a personal issue, I wont involve my city.

Orinoko, Baron and Minister for Foreign Affairs of Springdale

p. s. Plaman I can accept congratulations and I thank you for the kind words you didnt quite say.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Skyelong, in the year 1029.