Parrius vs Springdale.

Shimmering Wyldefyre Waran the Kurna Downto Everyone

Please! We as Parrians are Free to make up our minds wether we participate in wars or not. myself being pacifist and neutral do not participate in active fighting.

It is a shame that war was declared because of 1 cit from a city of honour dared to strip, rob and attack a city who had helped to defend them in the recent war

Stabbing us in the back, perhaps?

I joined Parrius for many reasons. For the friendships made, for the commerce (yes get rewarded for helping with comms), for the freedom to decide for myself. We are NOT allies with Thakria anyomore than we are allies with Springdale or Mercinae. We

are Neutral and our own city.

Methinks some people have Parrian envy?

Proud to be Parrian! Wyldefyre

Written by my hand on the 19th of Skyelong, in the year 1029.