Attacking Marie.

Artisan Allanonto Zenichiro, Master of Lore

I could have many reasons for attacking Marie.

I could feel aggrieved at her forcing me from Parrius government after I had helped

rebuild PArrius after Cardodius' treachery (he ran to thakrian with all the chancellory

and a whole lot of comms and was crushed by the wrath of orthwein).

I could hold bad feeling to Parrius after they way the Artisans guild has been

treated by certain members of the current Parrian Government.

I could dislike the way Marie manipulates Parrius, providing you with a lovely

back up city to whatever \"personal\" efforts you choose to make on behalf of

the loremasters guild and the city in which it resides, namely Thakria.

But the simple truth of it is none of the above reasons motivated my killing

and stripping the arsey bitch, it's merely I dislike her.

Oh, and after you chat with shadowen I made perfectly sure I did it outside the walls of


You are an arrogant, manipulative hypocrite - you will no doubt do whatever

you personally can (not PArrians in theory you do have choices) to further your

own ends and you are certainly never going to manipulate me in any way shape or form

so dont bother posting your lies about my actions ( it's amazing you

have an ability to be able to report and see all kinds of things I do or don't do when

not even in the realms of Avalon).

Written by my hand on the 18th of Skyelong, in the year 1029.