well elders really.

Lady Glowballistic, Blades of Vengeanceto Everyone

It's not fair Paladins can earthbind and other Knight guilds can't. It's not fair Mages can sit in rits full parrying, it's not fair jabjabs hit for so much damage, it's not fair that loremasters can keep alkaring while regenerating health,

its not fair bandits and rangers have easy safety locations, its not fair Warriors get ultimate trapping while Knights and Cavaliers get to pick poisons but not replant,

its not fair animists are almost unkillable and have instant death skills, its not fair sorcs have tempest demons, spider demons, ... well demons at all, its not fair Loremasters potion splashes do so little damage, its not fair seers can bond through


, its not fair that eagles can fly, its not fair eagles can't reach above clouds, its not fair loremasters are better thieves than thieves, its not fair Knight guilds have so many combat specific skills, its not fair Knights cost a lot to upkeep, its

not fair sorcs cauldrons run out of money, its not fair Paladins can use peace while Divinely Protected...

It's not fair staves do so much damage, it's not fair traps do less damage (tell that to anyone catapulted around Sturge's Slayers) and finally, it's not fair I caught the wrong board disease (16625)

Written by my hand on the 26th of Mournsend, in the year 1029.