and anyone else on this issue.

I've heard this issue before and I guess it separates the philosophy of players from the various cities. I too desire to enjoy myself playing avalon... however I gather that most of the citizens of my city and myself see our enjoyment coming from an

entirely different source than you do.

The simple best way to enjoy this game is to learn to be good at it, in fact to strive to be the best. If Julian, or anyone else for that matter, is targetting you... learn how to beat him, try and get better, if those around you aren't helping you d

o that, then they aren't helping you enjoy the game properly, least by my definition.

Ya should make sure ya got your logic straight afore ya run off and quit, cause ya never know, this game just might teach ya something

Dartanian, Old Man

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1028.