Starlight Cadmus, Astrologerto Loremaster Yairi

Maybe you have not read Scribe's post clearly, he do understand the \"jumping\" is a \"fact\" of life. But he has experienced it in the most frequent and extreme form, targeted and stripped all the time. Your call to him to seek help and even \"asking\" him

to join other guild is understandable, but as stated clearly in his post, this has made his life here meaningless.

Maybe it's time to stop calling this a \"fact\" of life in Avalon and start doing something about it? Offering PW or DP does not solve it. And BL system no longer works with the current charging system. \"Young\" players could stay here 7/24 for 2 weeks a

nd give only 1% BL to regular PKer players.

And what happen to Good Old Samaritan??? I miss him!

Written by my hand on the 3rd of Agamnion, in the year 1028.