Blueskull. Thankyou for showing how honorable a knight should be, Not all people in the realm would have even bothered to post such a worthy and noble post. Most would have posted something along the lines of to bad , deal with it, sucks to be you, an

d if you dont like it come kill me. Those type of post are great roll-play post, but verry bad in the honor department ! Either way its good to see a fellow knight show what honor and nobility would be. Well done and well said. I tip my hat off to you

fellow knight.

Oh Eliot my dear. your post and funny and cute and i know that they are meant to spark people into action and it works, BUT try posting threating stuff while not under the mantle of PW. :P This way some people can and might take your words a bit more

to heart and not laugh so loudly.


Written by my hand on the 22nd of Ilmarael, in the year 1028.