Artisan Scribe Student of Loreto Loremaster Yairi

Loremaster Yairi-

In your last posting in this forum, you offered to me your assistance,

should I ask. In consideration of recent events, I've found I DO have a

request. Recently, I was present in the Artisan's Guild when a member

of your guild trespassed upon our premises and killed our CCC Guild

tutor, Parculus, while I and one of my fellow members were taking

lessons. Not just once, but twice in that same day. This individual has

been named in past postings, so I will not do so again.

This harassment is senseless and hurts nobody except those such as

myself, who are most in need of learning and 'some place safe' to

develop our skills.

I don't necessarily believe that you support these attacks upon us, and

if you could use your influence as Guildmaster to discourage them, it

would be much appreciated - not just by me, but by all lw's and newbies

to whom guild premises, (whatever guild it might be) are sacrosanct.

Finally, in response to your last posting, I can only say that I give

to my guild and guildmaster the same loyalty and trust that you expect

of your own guild members. It is not my place to dictate what is best

for my guild, just as it is not the place of outside individuals,

cities or guilds. As a Guildmaster yourself, I'm sure you can respect

that point of view. :)

Thank you for taking the time to fully reply to my last posting Yairi,

and believe me when I tell you that nothing I have said has been

intended in disrespect. I am excited to be a part of the Artisans, feel

well supported by both my guild members as well as our patron, Lord

Apollo, and hope that as more newbies join our fold, they and we will

have the opportunity to grow with the respect and autonomy that is

deserved. My final comment is the disclaimer that the views and

opinions expressed herein are purely my own, and are not necessarily

those of my guild nor our patron. :)

-Artisan Scribe (the Smurf) and Student of Lore

Written by my hand on the 20th of Mournsend, in the year 1028.