Artisan Scribe of Parriusto Loremaster Yairi


With all due respect to my elders, (which let's face it, is just about

everyone), as a card-carrying member of the LW's, a citizen of Parrius,

AND a proud member of the Artisans, I feel I have a unique perspective

on the current state of events. First of all, my presence in the Guild

seems to disprove your suggestion that the Artisans are anti-Parrian in

their recruiting practices. Secondly, in anticipation of your claim that

they have allowed me into their guild simply to appease public opinion,

I can only say that, since becoming an artisan, the guild, INCLUDING

my Guildmaster Catt, has been more than forthcoming in their aid, advice,

time, supplies, and goodwill. I am proud to have the title of Artisan,

and though status as LW suggests a certain naivete, the results of my

guild's support is genuine, as is my gratitude. The same can be said of my

fellow citizens of Parrius, who have also been quite generous in my

inauguration to the world of Avalon, and rpg's themselves...

Not once has my guild asked me to renounce Parrian citizenship, nor

Parrius persecuted me for my place in the Artisans, both of which I

appreciate greatly.

As a newcomer who has somehow managed to fall right into the middle of

things, I can only express my sincerest hopes that relations between

Parrius and the Artisans can be resolved soon, and amicably.

Thank you for your time.




Written by my hand on the 20th of Midwinter, in the year 1028.