The Artisans.

Kilthas, Chaotic Roninto Apollo, the god of light


Well, being that is has now been clearly established by yourself that we cannot

remove the Artisans guild from Parrius, nor supplant the majority of the

loremaster profession in said city with a branch of the Thakrian guild, I see

one final option.

I believe I speak for the other Custodians in the Parrian government when I

say that we do wish to aide this guild which calls our city its home. It is

quite a strain for our citizens to constantly trek halfway across Avalon merely

to study their chosen profession. However, due to the rather forceful and generally

uncooperative natures of a few of the Artisan elders, elders holding the guild

under a tight rein, there is little to be done about the situation. Parrians can

make little to no headway within the guild, and often this leads to the member

being ejected from the guild or forced to quit his city. Complicating things

further are the few Parrians who are allowed to attain some rights within the

guild, bringing a cautious and suspicious eye upon them from our government, as

their motives must be considered of a somewhat dubious nature. Furthermore, to

merely allow the guild back into the city places Parrius in considerable danger

from a coordinated and unchecked hostile assault within its own walls.

Thusly, it seems to me that we have one clearcut solution. Parrius, barring the

disagreement of its council, would gladly rebuild and restore its loremaster

guild to what I am presuming was some former greatness. All we ask is, simply,

that we be allowed to remove the few weeds from what could be such a promising

and healthy garden.

Fare thee well and tempt not the Fates,



Written by my hand on the 1st of Midwinter, in the year 1028.