Guilds and cities.

Orthwein, the god of fateto Apollo, the god of light

Zenichiro is indeed wrong in thinking that mere mortals can decide the locations and makeup of guilds within any given city.

However, he (and ANY mortal) is perfectly free to do whatever is in his power, whether personal or bestowed upon by his city, to do whatever he wants. If that includes demolishing the odd guild that happens to publicly denounce the city that support

s it at every turn, well then, many would call think simple common sense.

As for taking your name in vain, perhaps a closer perusal of the posts would reveal that it was someone from your 'side' of the matter who started throwing about opinions about the 'will of the gods'.

Mortals in general would do well to take responsibility for their own actions, and not to drag the names of ANY gods into such issues. Believe it or not, your fate is in your own hands, not ordained by the deities of the land.

Written by my hand on the 30th of Agamnion, in the year 1027.