last posts.

Seems even a god calls you a liar now, zeni, when are you going to stop this.

1. You never mine so where did the 50 iron come from which I took from your unicorn on the way to thakria

from parrius ?

2. Your only aliegence has been to Thakria as you have shown tonight once again with the warlocks and avrit.

3. You still think people believe you, oh yea the thaks do, and marie, who did nothing but whine about

the longnight. I see lots of stuff being done by her to bring it down.

4. And Jhor at least I can still kill you in avrit and 4 other warlocks and zenichiro there.

Thanks for all your amusing speaches, liars are well known in this land and you are the biggest sir,

But the fact was that the items were in the artisans guild when you trashed it to take them. They were then

in your guild for ages.

And nafai did nothing for the longnight, huzow did more with plaman, defending the black sun with his life.


Written by my hand on the 28th of Agamnion, in the year 1027.