You are quite, quite wrong to think that the gods will allow mere

mortals to pick and choose the makeup of what guilds exist in what

cities. I'm not sure where you get your high and mighty ideas from,

but lets put a stop to them right now.

As I agreed with you and others, no guild of the Loremasters profession

will replace the Artisans in Parrius. The Parrians have a guild which

they chose to destroy. That is their policy, but the Thakrians will not

be allowed to replace it with their guild simply because the Parrians choose

to fail to aid their own founding guild.

I wouldn't normally get involved in such matters at this level, but you

leave me little choice by once again in recent posts choosing to take my

name and post innacuracies about my actions as well as general lies

about the will of the gods.

Written by my hand on the 22nd of Agamnion, in the year 1027.