zenichiro and marie.

Sorry while they stole Thakria thunder and torched at least part of Mercinae this they will not share in. Even now I am enemy to Zenichiro's staves because I broke into Parrian guilds and his home to steal the long night items. Zenichiro had nothing

to do with this. I plotted for the long night for well over 2 months and worked my ass off to gain the items and keep them out of your worthless huggie hide and the more dedicated people like Alarius. It was me me me. Oh and a few others who helpe

d plant, guard the sun and kick your lousey huggie ass when needed. Again I say good try to Alarius who truly tried to pull people together and instead got indifference and pw wimps whinning to him.

Oh by the way Kes try to read some of these post for it was not you but Marie who first warned Avalon to what was taking place. You are just sad and Pathetic and as stated made only a half ass effort at stopping me.


Written by my hand on the 7th of Leaflost, in the year 1027.