LW and New Members.

Shimmering Wyldefyre, Partage des Cimesto Everyone

I admit, I am both a Pacifist and have chosen a vow of Neutrality. I intend to honour both of these commitments. In other relms, I have been a Sysop and can respect the structure and detail that is Avalon. We have a world here that surpasses all ot

hers. I thank the Gods for people like Constantine, Verlaine and Krill who welcomed me as a newcomer and helped me along through my novicehood. And I would like to challenge my fellow Avalonians to help the newcomers as much as posible. Attacking a

newcomer or lw does not hing but discourage them and make them quit.

Thank you to all my friends and to the Gods who help me understand when I have a question.

For Avalon!


Written by my hand on the 30th of Midsummer, in the year 1027.