Guiding Novices.

Danger Graingerto Ranger Jayamor, of the Greenwood

To echo the points raised by Jayamor I to have been the 'kill' of certain players when teaching.

It appears they will endevour to ensure they have their 'kiil's' of LW's, novices, people in and out of challenges, people just res'ed from challenge and when people are quitting the game. I found another method they use is to summon again breaking t

he link almost moments after you declare guiding. Strange fact.

Many will of course not understand what this means as they cannot and are incapable of seeing what their actions complete.

Many are fed up with the idiots and the abusive language, the people playing two characters to aid themselves progress.

What they create is little more than quake in text and I know I will be a target once this is read. They understand little of rpg but then again they will argue they do because their psychological make-up paints them this clouded picture.

As to the Gods - well I was led to believe this game was among the best - shurgs I was killed on my first day here by Gilford (a mistake he claimed).

As more people leave or not bother to join up the effect will be on those left, as a pay for play site ..... well use your imagination as to costs.

There are some truly good people here and I am glad I have met them. I hope the good will turn the game back to as I was led to believe it to be.

Written by my hand on the 6th of Midsummer, in the year 1027.