Who are you trying to kid?.

Lord Jhor, Creator of Turmoilto Artisan Allanon

C'mon Big Al... if you think that ANYONE is buying your load of bull, then you are more severely deluded than even I might have suspected.

Thakria, approximately 98 percent of it's citizens, has NO desire to have the temple of Light or you anywhere near our city. You abuse it on a regular basis, and many people including myself have witnessed it. The other 2 percent don't really care o

ne way or the other. But to my knowledge, none but the extremely young ever go their to worship, offer, or otherwise pay their respects to your Lord.

It surprises me little that you hide behind your patron. You've little, if any, spine or courage on your own. But to try to blatantly lie about your actions is truly a new (or perhaps not?) low for you. How can you call yourself the high priest of

Light? How do you face yourself every day living with that kind of hypocrisy?

And as for speaking directly with your Lord, I can guarantee you he knows of Thakria's wish to have his temple be removed to a place more conducive to his worshippers' convenience. As he is an intelligent and wise deity, it can only be assumed that i

t is left there to spite us. As his mouthpiece and prime follower, your actions sully his reputation daily. Perhaps soon he will come to realize the depths to which you will stoop and cast you out where you belong... in the gutter with the other bum


Oh, and have a nice day.

Lord Jhor, Creator of Turmoil

Written by my hand on the 5th of Springflower, in the year 1027.