Community Chest.

Squirrelfish, Wrapped in Jade, Foreverto Everyone

Hello all, but especially to those of us who are young enough to be able to utilise the Community Chest.

When you find the Chest or go there to use it...You are Welcome! that is what it is there help those new to the Land to get equipped with sacks, clothing, glasses for darsuurion, amongst other things.

It is stocked by anyone in the Land (and they are many) who has extra items they dont want and would like to see used well by younger players...

All the instructions for its use are there... READ SIGN.......

IT IS NOT THERE FOR ONE PLAYER (who I will name if the stuff is not brought back) TO TAKE 51 ITEMS !!!!!

So. please read and understand the use of the Chest 'before' you take from it and take only what you need. That way others in the Land can benefit and will continue to stock it for those that come after.

Thanx, Squirrelfish

chant equilibrium

PS If you see anyone walking around looking like a technicoloured Michelin Man, wearing 12 shirts and 15 Mantles of the Eoses (and more). Please set him straight ?

Written by my hand on the 23rd of Cloudburst, in the year 1027.