You obviously dont do much work for your city.

Artisan Allanonto Myriad Plaman, The Duke of Chaos

You very apprently dont go to the Ministry of State building much otherwise

you will realise it is neither a fortified or city authorisation location.

If your hard work ministers and aides slip up and leave comms

in these unruned, poorly locked locations then it doesn't take the greatest

thief in Avalon to simply go in and pick up stuff lying around

(although I was suprised to find so much in a canoe)

Regarding my patrons temple in Thakria is has existed for many centuries and

not all Thakrians object to it's presence (not that mortal objections have any

relevance in such matters).

I am angelic in not attacking from or fleeing to the temple during combat

therefore either back up your libelous comments and take them up with Apollo

or shut up - the choice is yours.

Written by my hand on the 21st of Cloudburst, in the year 1027.