Hate to burst your bubble.

Myriad Plaman, The Duke of Chaosto Artisan Allanon

That room you entered is actually of the comm shed sorts my fellow thief. Though I do relish to here the thieves guild do any break ins and robberies. Oh wait a second you don't belong to this inguild... In fact most people doing the robberies these

days have nothing to do with the bandits guild. Actually if you get down to it we are the worst at stealing in the land go figure eh. Maybe bandits should be changed to that shadowy guild with a small smattering of thiefing abilities that don't wor

k well. Or a new slogan if you wanna be a thief join the Loremaster proffession.

On a similar note amazing you can enter a room that requires citizens of its own city to obtain permission to enter. Evem more amazing(or sickening) is you have a safe haven in the city that despises you the most to run to after you do your foul deed

s or to hide from your peers in when you don't have your backup.

Now shush little Allanon and go back to your base erm I mean temple and hide under your high priest alkar and plot jumpings erm I mean nicely observe the city you are an enemy with.


Written by my hand on the 2nd of Cloudburst, in the year 1027.