Shimmering Wyldefyre, Partage des Cimesto Everyone

I think in every good Mud and Mush there is a focal point of good, and a focal point of evil. It is called Balance of Power. Now Thakria alone is not an evil place, although a City of Darkness and Turmoil. Other Avalonian Dark Places are Kendrika's

Abbotry, Goblintown etc.

While I do not approve of some of the Players of embrace the Dark side because they have attacked the innocent and new to Avalon and caused many a new player to quit in frustration, it is in their nature to be evil.+

I do have some friends in Thakria. I have friends in every city. I think it is a decision to respect eachother. If you do not wish to get into battles, do not fight. Be a PWer. If you choose to PK (Player Kill) quest and venture, then be prepeared t

o accept the darkside of Avalon

And yes, I am a huggy PW and proud of it )

Play on. It is a GAME and have fun everyone

For Avalon!

Written by my hand on the 5th of Leaflost, in the year 1026.