Divine Oaths.

Proteus, god of the seato Everyone

It has come to my attention that some governments are requiring their aides to swear oaths of loyalty before gods.

I will like to direct everyone to help oaths--no mortal is required to make an oath before a god or in a god's name. If you are being forced to make such an oath, speak to a god to get it straightened out.

For my own part, I think it is ludicrous to ask a god to witness an oath over such a piddling matter and will not witness oaths to bind aides to their cities. If a city is not good enough to inspire loyalty and has to use the gods to enforce it, well

something is wrong with the way that city is run.

As for those mortals who are committed to making the oaths--make sure you know the details of your oath. An oath to remain loyal to your city is very broad and criticizing your prince may be intrepreted as disloyalty to your city and therefore your so

ul forfeit to the god you swore by.

Make sure you know what consitutes a breach of oath, what the duration is (are you swearing to never harm that city even if you move?) and who will be the person who judges breaches.

Generally though, I suggest you just leave the city.


Written by my hand on the 29th of Paglost, in the year 1026.