and kalysta.

Sir Jander, the Laughing Stormto Arikarr the Black

Arikarr, you are a coward of the highest order. I don't pity your multiple deaths at Allanon's hand. Live by the crystal heart, die by the crystal heart.

When you can face me in single challenge without abusing the crystal heart get back to me. Until then continue jumping newbies.

Kalysta, I find it very hard to believe you could kill Sir Kes one on one after he \"jumped you\". I jumped a member of your guild and shipped them, you attacked me and I shipped you easily. The public board isn't for that kind of ranting, you have some

thing to prove then take it up on the battlefield. Many of us will happily take a pop at you.

Written by my hand on the 15th of Agamnion, in the year 1025.