Help Sorcerer.

Artisan Allanonto Arikarr the Black

I suggest you read what profession you have signed up for.

You choose to reap the benefits of selling your soul and being undead

you represent all that is opposed to my order and Patron.

I do not apologise for my repeated killing (which I would not do out of

spite or if someone had connection problems).

Really there are plenty of ways to escape a location

particularly your own shop storeroom in your own city

just a few locs away from totally safe locations.

I even admit in my rush to kill you I blocked the wrong direction out of your shop.

To Alecto I tried to reason with you about the disfavour

I am sure your Patron and my Patron could have done without the hassle of becoming involved

your choice tho

Written by my hand on the 6th of Agamnion, in the year 1025.