Arikarr the Blackto Artisan Allanon

Simply put, people of Avalon...

Allanon, High Priest of Light. Liar, Cheat, teamer, Thief, Murderer.


Because you are a better fighter than me, you beat me. Why crow about it

and show us what a weak personality you have? Ah yes. See above.

Tell us, High Priest of Light, are you sure you're the man for the job?

Have I wronged you? committed some awful crime? No. Do I have a crystal

heart, yes. And that is seems is a horrible offence to the forces

of Good. Enough of a crime to suffer at the hands of Allanon and his

team of sheep.

There is a word for players such as you. I think we all know what that is.

You are not interested in this post, Allanon, because it has some modicum of

roleplaying in it, and you are only interested in mechanics, and getting a

bigger score.

I am not complaining to the Gods, nor bemoaning my fate, but some of you

lot out there have played roleplaying games before, and you will know what

I mean when I point out that Allanon likes to Win this roleplaying


I salute your ability to score and press buttons.

Krill, I watched your actions, and saw you balk and withdraw from the

fight when you realised the nature of it. In my opinion, you are far

more the example that the people of Light need and deserve, and perhaps

one day Apollo will seek you out as his true high priest, instead of

the fake that is Allanon.

P. S. Don't bandy words with me any further, Allanon (ooh a name from

a crap series of fantasy books!) - you know you won't win.

Written by my hand on the 5th of Agamnion, in the year 1025.